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Our Featured Client

Our company, Linear Assessment Services Ltd. is in the business of administering computer and internet based tests. We have been in this business since 1997.

Prior to this, we had been involved in the administration of various paper based tests such as the USMLE and more

We sincerely believe that , FRIENDSHIP is the Foundation of INFLUENCE: So Please....Don't Just be a TEAMMATE---Be a FRIEND to those You WORK with... E.K.A

Featured Corporate Branding

The Ghana UK achievement Awards (GUBA) is a Business & Innovation Awards which is a sponsorship funded event, organised by Nudent, to reward and celebrate all that is best about Ghanaian business in the uk; to raise local pride and enhance the image and self esteem of local businesses by identifying innovation, improvement and Quality.

Our intention is that the GUBA awards will be an annual calendar event for Ghanaians companies in the UK and to acknowledge what they have achieved.

Book Launching!

Becoming “A Beauty for His Glory” is a masterpiece. Itanswers silent questions that ladies would have wished they had known before the age of 16! Written by: Amos Kevin-Annan.